Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NORTHWEST: Many Different Versions of the Exact Same Thing

Hey everybody!  And by everybody, I mean probably nobody, 'cause I'm no longer sure of who actually looks at my blog nowadays.

Anyways,  I have a finished piece that's... well, finished.  However, I have many a couple different versions (with little variation), and I thought I should post them up here.

This is my top pick out of the ones that I have done.  Just a fun image of my characters, Miss West (right) and Miss North (left).  Not only did I want to create a fun image, but this serves as a test of what style of ink line art and coloring I should do for an upcoming comic I'm working on.

Here, I have my usual style of inking and character design, with a small half-tone coloring using mostly subdued and minimal amount of colors.  Black, White, Red (for West's hair), and a tone that would change depending on the mood of the image(in this case blue).

Here are the other variations I have come up with:

This one has a larger dot half-tone pattern with a black/white/red/gray.  I like how the half-tone dots create more of a design element, but I'm not entirely sure about it.

This one is similar to the first one, but has a black/white/red/gray/skin tone color scheme.  Not sure about the added brown skin tone.

This one uses a flat coloring style, instead of using half-tone.  Using black/white/gray as well as a more vibrant red for the hair, which pops out a bit more here.

Finally, this one also has flat coloring, but a color scheme similar to the very first one.


Alphonso Orozco said...

I'm still here buddy! This are looking fabulous! I like the last one, but with the saturation of Ms. West's hair in the first.

DKIRBYJ said...

Mmm... that's a pretty good combination. I'm trying to find a good color scheme for a comic I'm working on, so feed back like this is nice. Thanks, man! :)