Saturday, February 12, 2011

Quick West Watercolor Test

Not much for today.  Did a quick test in watercolor class today.  Wanted to see how a watercolor inked drawing would hold up with added color.  Not too pleased with it.
I suppose if I need to add color to a line drawing done in watercolor, I"ll either make a copy of the lineart or just color in photoshop.

I'll have more watercolor sketches in the future.  I also want to do some water color lineart tests, just to see if it's something I would like to do with my black and white work in the future.

Oh, by the way... if you haven't noticed it by now, I made some updates to the blog.  I got a spiffy (and sketchy) new banner and made a couple of adjustments to things here and there.  So, I hope you enjoy the new look.  And if you don't, then you're probably one of the people who aren't the five people who may or may not watch me. :P

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Alphonso Orozco said...

I'm digging this, it looks so saturated and colorful. Amazing as always, also, I think the new blog layout works a lot better. *thumbs up*